8:15 am Virtual Coffee Room Opens

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Understanding & Overcoming Relapse with Multi-Targeting Therapies

9:00 am Investigating Mechanisms of Resistance and Relapse in Patients to Devise Rational Multi-Targeting Strategy

9:30 am Innovative approaches for selecting and optimizing versatile chemically-defined media to drive the successful development and production of combination biotherapies to combat cancer

10:00 am Using the DNA Damage Response as a Mechanism of Cell Targeting with Alkylating Agents, Gamma-Delta T cells, and Logical Additions to Combination Therapy

10:30 am Speed Networking

Multi-Modal Therapies to Enhance Tumor Infiltration

11:00 am Engineering CAR-T Cells with Immune Enhancers under the Control of Molecular Switches for Tunable Dosing and Enhanced Tumor Clearance

11:30 am Highly Specific TCR-Mimics Based on the DARPin Technology with Potential for Multi-Targeted T Cell Responses and Possible Future Applications for T Cell Based Therapies

12:00 pm ARTEMIS® Technology with Enhanced T-Cell Infiltration in Solid Tumors

  • Cheng Liu President & CEO, Eureka Therapeutics, Inc

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Enhancing Anti-Tumor Effects of Multi-Targeted T Cell Therapies with Cell-Tethered Cytokines

  • Shawn Carey Principal Scientist, Cell Therapy Discovery & Development, Repertoire Immune Medicines

2:00 pm Combinatorial specificity profiling and engineering to safeguard and optimize TCR reactivity

2:30 pm Enhancing Solid Tumor CAR T and TCR Therapy Using Amphiphile Technology

2:50 pm Leveraging Site-Specific Targets to Optimize Trafficking Mitigate On-Target, Off-Tumor Effects

3:10 pm Expert Speaker Q&A: Strategies to Drive Tumor Infiltration and Minimize On-Target, Off-Tumor Effects with Co-Stimulatory Domains and Enhancers

3:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Next Steps to Advance Multiplexed Cell Therapies

4:00 pm Personalized Adoptive TCR-T Cell Therapies Targeting Neoantigens for the Treatment of Solid Tumors

4:30 pm Addressing Regulatory Requirements and Hurdles when Developing Multi-Targeted Therapies

5:00 pm Realizing Multi-Targeting from a Manufacturing Perspective to Deliver Better Therapies More Efficiently

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:45 pm End of Day 1

On-Demand Content

Richard Boyd Cartherics

Richard Boyd


Cartherics Ltd.

Sculpting the Immune System Through Multi-Moiety Therapy

  • Investigating the therapeutic effects of infusion of multiple cell types derived from gene-edited iPSC cells; how important is histocompatibility? What role for combination with antibody modalities?
  • Describing the immune response and mechanistic rationale behind multi cell-type infusion, the role of each modality, and their multiplexed effects in vivo; how best to engage the patients endogenous immune system as a complementary anti-cancer defence?
  • Discussing clinical, manufacturing and regulatory challenges in implementing multi-moiety strategies such as toxicity, and
    understanding the additive effects of different cell types; expect the unexpected