2022 Partners

BPS Bioscience

Expertise Partner

BPS Bioscience’s purpose is to advance new scientific discoveries that lead to therapies, by creating innovative solutions for research. Our focus areas are immunotherapy, epigenetics, coronavirus, CRISPR, cell signaling, and others, providing 4000+ high quality recombinant cell lines, lentiviruses, proteins and all aspects of biochemical and cell-based assay development. As a primary manufacturer, we can supply products in large-scale bulk quantities, as well as contract and custom manufacturing. Our biochemical and cell-based screening services are also available to accelerate your research.


Enlivex Therapeutics

Industry Partner

Our clinical development programs focus on treating solid tumors, sepsis and COVID-19. Our most advanced product candidate, Allocetra™ has demonstrated positive safety, tolerability and efficacy in several clinical trials. In addition to our ongoing late-stage clinical trials in sepsis and COVID-19, we plan on initiating clinical trials of Allocetra™ in solid cancer patients during 2022.


Beacon Targeted Therapies

Event Partner

We are a clinical trial and pipeline database solution designed in partnership with pharmaceutical professionals. We track targeted therapies to provide accurate, in-depth, and real-time information in the rapidly evolving drug development landscape. For more information or to request a demo, visit our website