2021 Partners


Nextera AS

Expertise Partner

Nextera performs target discovery and drug development for immunotherapy in oncology and autoimmunity. We do so by addressing the core of immunity; the interaction between T cells and antigen presenting cells.

Our phage display platform, NextCore, has the unique capacity to generate large combinatorial libraries of peptide HLA repertories for high-resolution off-target assessment, reactivity profiling, and target discovery in a segment that previously was impossible. Nextera wants to partner with pharma on such discovery enabling their development of highly specific and safe immunotherapies.


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Expertise Partner

As a cell culture media pioneer, we leverage decades of industry insight to deliver advanced cell culture media solutions for use in regenerative medicine, biopharmaceuticals, reproductive medicine, medical and translational research, and clinical diagnostics. Our innovative products and services enable scientists to fulfill the potential of emerging therapies and help clinicians achieve successful outcomes for their patients.


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Adaptive Biotechnologies

Expertise Partner

Adaptive Biotechnologies is a commercial-stage biotechnology company focused on harnessing the inherent biology of the adaptive immune system to transform the diagnosis and treatment of disease. We believe the adaptive immune system is nature’s most finely tuned diagnostic and therapeutic for most diseases, but the inability to decode it has prevented the medical community from fully leveraging its capabilities. Our proprietary immune medicine platform reveals and translates the massive genetics of the adaptive immune system with scale, precision and speed to develop products in life sciences research, clinical diagnostics and drug discovery. We have three commercial products, including our research product, immunoSEQ®. The immunoSEQ Technology provides a quantitative, flexible, scalable, and an end-to-end immunosequencing solution that helps you discover the breadth and depth of the adaptive immune system, providing fundamental insights into the body’s response to disease and therapy at the cellular level. immunoSEQ is for Research use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


axion biosystems

Axion BioSystems

Exhibition Partner

Want to evaluate CAR T cell killing kinetics with physiologically relevant effector cell to target cell ratios? Concerned about the possible confounding effects of labeling your cells? Introducing Maestro ZHT from Axion BioSystems, the world’s most advanced impedance-based real-time cell analysis platform. Over minutes or weeks gain unprecedented access to the kinetics of your biology. Straightforward and easy to use, any researcher can now track immune cell-mediated killing in 96- and 384-well plates.