Blake Aftab

Blake Aftab

Company: Adicet Bio

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Investigating the Types of Functions Required to Formulate an Effective Multi-Functional Cell Therapy 8:30 am

While success in solid tumors in still limited, clinical results from other diseases shows that cell therapies have the potential to provide life-changing benefits to patients. As the industry innovates by combining anti-tumor functions, it is more important than ever to clarify the different roles these can provide, to weaponize them effectively against solid tumors.…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Realizing Effective Homing Strategies to Deliver Cell Therapies to Tumor Sites 3:30 pm

Deploying and enhancing the innate and adaptive immune systems to prolong the response Enhancing intratumoral trafficking through a combination of targeting and engineering approaches to localize to the tumor microenvironmentRead more

day: Day 1 - Track A - Post Lunch

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