2021 Full Event Guide

Join Industry Leaders Innovating the Next Generation of Cell Immunotherapies

multi cell

Download the Event Guide to discover:

  • 25+ industry-leading speakers
  • 24+ cutting-edge, technical presentations
  • 2 deep-dive workshops designed to maximize your target identification and gene engineering techniques
  • 2 Expert panel sessions to ask your burning questions
  • A regulatory roundtable to support IND submissions and clinical development
  • Explore novel antigenic, engineered and combination approaches to overcome antigen escape and relapse
  • Investigate the mechanisms of resistance to devise rational therapeutic strategy
  • Glimpse the horizon of next-generation cell therapies to ensure your team is spearheading novel development

“I am looking forward to learning about other approaches and how we can develop more effective combination therapies."

Shon Green, Senior Director, Translational R&D, Umoja Biopharma