Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday May 4, 2021

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Exploring Engineering and Manufacturing Techniques for Multi-Targeted Cell Therapies

9:00 - 11:00

Workshop Leaders

MFCT Bullet
MFCT Bullet
MFCT Bullet
MFCT Bullet
MFCT Bullet

Reviewing existing gene engineering approaches being leveraged in the clinic, and their relative advantages and disadvantages

Investigating the effects of engineering techniques on cell fitness, target molecule expression, and random insertion

Discussing strategies to drive the feasibility of complex ‘decisionmaking’ CARs with logic gates and multi-functional cells, and the different cell modalities to consider

Sharing thoughts on how to advance next-generation cell immunotherapies

Considering what a manufacturing process might look like to express multiple genes or entities, and whether approaches could be sequential or simultaneous

juan vera marker
Shon Green Umoja
Sicco Popma IO bio science

Juan Vera
Marker Therapeutics

Shon Green
Senior Director
Translational R&D
Umoja Therapeutics

Sicco Popma
President & CEO
IO Bio Science


Identifying Clinically Relevant Targets & Best Approaches to Investigating Safety
14:00 - 16:00

Workshop Leaders

MFCT Bullet
MFCT Bullet
MFCT Bullet
MFCT Bullet

Optimizing target selection & characterization of dual-target therapies

Addressing translational challenges to maintain therapeutic safety and efficacy with multi-targeted approaches

Implementing platforms for safety assessment, and discussing how appropriate existing and emerging safety studies are for cell immunotherapies

Examining targets to identify combination mechanisms, with high safety and efficacy

Eduardo Laborda
Eduardo Laborda

Eduardo Laborda
Associate Director Immuno-Oncology
Calibr at Scripps Research

Hanspeter Gerber
3T Biosciences