Welcome to the 2nd Multi-Functional Cell Therapies Summit

Advance Cutting-Edge Research and Development with Next-Generation Cell Therapies, to Deliver Best-in-Class Products to Patients in Need

Cell therapies hold life-saving potential for patients and the race is on to develop best-in-class, living, ‘thinking’ drugs. Relapse rates and barriers to solid tumor efficacy mean the cell therapy industry must innovate, now more than ever.

The 2nd Multi-Functional Cell Therapies Summit is returning for 2022 and will unite global leaders to discuss strategies to weaponize cell therapies with antigenic, engineered and combination approaches to create sophisticated, multi-functional systems.

The Summit remains the only cell-type agnostic, targeting focused meeting providing a platform for overcoming the challenges to weaponizing cell therapies against solid tumors such as:

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Understanding and overcoming the immunosuppressive nature of the TME to inform future drug development

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Exploiting multiple functions through innovative engineering and novel targeting approaches to produce “smarter” cell therapies with high efficacy and safety profiles

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Synergizing analytical strategy with efficient and standardized manufacturing to overcome regulatory barriers preventing approval

2022 Industry Leading Speakers Include:

Join Us for 2022:

Join us as we bring together drug developers and innovators to tackle unique cell therapy development challenges creating obstacles for effective treatments for solid tumor patients.

"An outstanding forum to gain valuable insights into new trends in cell therapy development"

Hanspeter Gerber, CSO, 3T Biosciences

“A truly outstanding summit that provides a unique opportunity for cross-functional information and experience sharing, thereby showing the way forward in CAR-TCR development”

Peggy Sotiropoulou, Head of R&D, Celyad Oncology

"I'm looking forward to speaking at the first Multi-Functional Cell Therapies Summit and hearing about the exciting work of other leading investigators in this rapidly-developing approach to disease management."

Lawrence Lamb, CSO & EVP, In8bio

“A truly professional forum to network and gain valuable insights into new trends in CAR-TCR development.”

Cheng Liu, CEO, Eureka Inc.


"Multi-Functional Cell Therapies are a key step for the industry to overcome challenges in solid tumors. This summit is an important gathering of the minds to advance the next generation of life-saving therapies"

Francesco Marincola, CSO, Refuge Biotech

"Gain great insights into new trends and mix with the avant-garde in cell immunotherapy development"

Sicco Popma, CEO, IO Bio Science

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